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'Middle-Earth: Shadow of War' News: New Expansion Story Features Elite Elven Warrior

'Middle-Earth: Shadow of War' News: New Expansion Story Features Elite Elven Warrior

The new expansion pack for "Shadow of War" is "Blade of Galadriel." | Facebook/ShadowofWarGame

A new expansion story for "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War," titled "Blade of Galadriel," centers on an elite Elven warrior named Eltariel.

Warner Bros. launched a new expansion story for "Shadow of War," titled "Blade of Galadriel." It focuses on a heroine named Eltariel, who is an elite Elven warrior on a mission to hunt down the Nazgul, Eurogamer reports.

In the official trailer for the orc-themed open-world fantasy adventure expansion story, Eltariel is sent to Mordor to finish her mission of taking down the Nazgul. But aside from the new story, the expansion also offers new combat skills, gear, and abilities.

Eltariel will have a dual weapon called Elven blades, as well as the Light of Galadriel. Aside from new gear, Eltariel will be accompanied by eight unique Legendary Orcs that can be used in the main story campaign.

"Blade of Galadriel" will introduce multiple villains, such as Flint, Tinder, and Slayer of the Dead. And as if defeating the Nazgul and facing all those enemies weren't enough, Eltariel will also go on a journey of self-reflection as she learns more about her past.

Warner Bros. included a lot of other updates in the expansion story of "Blade of Galadriel." The expansion pack comes with a free update for all "Shadow of War" players, which means that the base game will have an overall revamp.

The expansion brings an advanced Nemesis System that upgrades Orc Captains with new traits and behaviors, such as Tunnel Rat, Sniper Shot, Tremor, and Gifts of Treasure.

Tunnel Rat makes Orcs summon Ghuls by burrowing into the ground, while Sniper Shot improves archers' accuracy from a very great distance. Meanwhile, Tremor adds damage to nearby enemies and structures by slamming onto the ground, and Gifts of Treasure gives a new way to gather Gems and Mirian.

"Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.


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