Middleboro Shooting: Wife Shot Dead, Husband Shot By Police (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)A Middleboro shooting has left one woman dead and her husband, who was shot by police, as the main suspect.

A Middleboro shooting on Friday has resulted in the death of a 65 year old woman, and sparked a dramatic gun battle with police.

The Plymouth County District Attorney's office has announced that the suspected shooter has been caught, and that 52-year-old Thomas Buttimer may be charged with intent to murder police officers and the possession of a firearm.

The shooting incident, which took place at a rural home in the woods, has left locals in shock.

A 911 call was placed just after midnight sparking Middleboro police officers to respond to the residence. When they arrived they found the husband of 65-year-old Norma DesRouche attempting to revive her with CPR.

Neighbors have reported that they heard gunfire from the residence, however, they were unsure whether the crime was just someone messing around with a gun. However, the intensity of the shooting scared some and made them believe there was trouble.

Resident Tyler Lambert has said: "I mean the gunshots were enough vibrate the windows on the house. That's why we thought something was wrong, because it was too much. Like 15, right after another."

Eight police officers reportedly attended the scene, including the police chief. In total three police vehicles as well as a fire truck and an ambulance came to the scene, according to eye witnesses.

As police arrived, Buttimer came out to the driveway carrying what has been described in a statement from authorities as a long-barrel firearm. He was ordered to drop the firearm numerous times but when he refused police took action and fired upon him.

Buttimer was rushed to a local hospital where he received treatment, and he is expected to survive and face charges against him.

Authorities are still investigating and have not announced any motive for the killing yet.

Here is a video news report into the incident: