Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Baby News: Due Date Moves Closer, Couple 'Excited'

Mila Kunis Due Date Late August, Early September 2014
Wikimedia Commons/Image

Actress Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are 'getting excited' about their first baby's arrival. MTV reported that Kunis has been showing off her growing 'baby bump' in Los Angeles this week, the actress saying that she feels 'pretty big' as her due date gets closer.

An insider told People Magazine about the couple's excitement, especially since their baby is due sometime in late August or early September.

"Ashton [Kutcher] is a kid at heart. He can't wait to do tons of stuff with the baby. Mila is feeling good and things are going smoothly. She does feel pretty big lately and can't do much because it's harder for her to move around," the insider told People Magazine.

Despite Kunis' predicament, Kutcher is there to take care of her and aid her during the last weeks of her pregnancy.

"Ashton does errands alone so Mila can stay home. He seems to take great of her!" the source added.

The couple's stay in Los Angeles involved the two indulging in a little retail therapy, shopping for art in West Hollywood, California. Earlier in the week, the couple was seen at a Dodgers baseball game where the actress was showing off her baby bump in a flowy top.

For her first two-trimesters, Kunis has been taking Pilates and spin classes but has slowed down her exercise routine, opting for simple walks around the neighborhood.

As for Kutcher, it's a happy time for him. "Ashton has been excited every time we had a child actor on set. He loves kids and could not be more stoked to have a child," co-star Jon Cryer said.