Mila Kunis Helps Reporter Interview by Talking Football, Beer and Chicken (VIDEO)

A young British reporter got the interview of his career when he was able to sit down with Ukrainian beauty Mila Kunis as the pair talked football, beer and chicken instead of her new film.

The 29-year-old was supposed to be answering questions about her new film "Oz: The Great and Powerful," but when she sat down with reporter Chris Stark of the BBC's Scott Mills radio, the nervous newbie veered off topic. The pair discussed football, local watering holes and Nando's chicken, much to Kunis' enjoyment.

In the beginning of the interview, the 25-year-old Stark admitted to be very nervous about conducting the interview given all the lights, cameras and people, but Kunis was able to relieve him of his jitters by allowing him to talk about his life and interests.

Stark continued the interview by stating that his favorite thing to do is going to the pub with his friends who he named as "Sir Dowser, The Convict and Django the Beast." The group frequently downs their favorite drink, a "lad bomb," which is a shot of Jagermeister that is then dropped into a double vodka Red Bull.

"Oh my God, that sounds like the worst drink ever," Kunis said as the producers could be heard in the background trying to get Stark back on topic. "That's disgusting!" Kunis added.

Stark also added that he is a big fan of Championship club Watford FC, and even invited the actress to attend a match. She seemed a bit reluctant after he told her the team colors are yellow and not her favorite color, purple.

Kunis was a good sport and even gave a rundown of pre-rehearsed questions regarding her excitement about the film and working with James Franco and Michelle Williams.

"Well this interview has gone off hasnt it. Crazy. Have I actually made the front page of youtube? Ridic," Stark posted on his Twitter feed after hearing that his interview gained worldwide attention.

"Just heard that Good Morning America have been talking about my interview with Mila Kunis. Crazy. What is going on....???? @GMA," he later tweeted.