Mile-Wide Tornado: Midwest Hit by More Than a Dozen Tornadoes (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A mile-wide tornado has hit the Midwest, with more than a dozen tornadoes touching down in the rural areas of the region recently, causing extensive property damage and numerous injuries.

(Photo: Wowt Screen Shot)A mile-wide tornado was one of more than a dozen tornadoes to hit the Midwest this week.

The mile-wide tornado was more than a mile wide, according to reports, and devastated the area.

According to the Weather Channel, there were 17 tornadoes across Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa on Friday. Reports claim that numerous buildings were destroyed and at least 15 injuries were suffered.

In Iowa, Woodbury County Sheriff's Lt. Tony Wingert reported that many buildings were destroyed by the tornado. The sheriff described that the powerful tornado threw vehicles around, causing extensive damage to the area.

Wingert said: "It's a mess… We have more than 30 rural homes destroyed, farms destroyed. We don't have a number for the number of cars destroyed."

In Nebraska, Wayne was also slammed by another tornado, and at least 10 buldings were destroyed, and five others were very badly damaged.

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman has declared Wayne a disaster area.

Jay Collier, a spokesman for Wayne State College said: "The tornado ripped through the east side of town… We are doing everything we can to assist the city."

Here is a video of the tornado in Wayne, Nebraska: