Miley Cyrus and Hunger Games Premiere: Singer Promotes Boyfriend, Forgets to Read Book?

Miley Cyrus appears to have missed the "Hunger Games" craze or at least failed to actually read the book. She recently boasted that her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and co-star Josh Huctherson would be the ones bringing in the crowds, however with the popularity surrounding the "Hunger Games" it isn't likely to need the help.

The "Hunger Games," which will be released in theaters March 23, is based on a three-part futuristic book series by Suzanne Collins, and has built up plenty of hype all without needing a hunky cast. The upcoming movie has been promoted as the next Harry Potter or "Twilight."

"Before the movie even began filming there was talk of The Hunger Games all over Twitter, at middle school lunch tables, and on the cover of what seems like a zillion issues of Entertainment Weekly," the Gawker reported trying to explain the hype surrounding the "Hunger Games."

Whether book lovers are dying to see the movie, or the well promoted trailers have encouraged movie goers to pick up a book seems irrelevant, "Hunger Games" is bound to be one of the most epic movies of the year. However, some might refrain from telling that to Miley Cyrus who is convinced that her boyfriend is the star attraction.

"He's going to get the girls to the theater," Cyrus told Access Hollywood. "Him and Josh."

Of course Cyrus was just trying to be the proud, supportive girlfriend. "I'm so excited, this year has just been amazing and Liam deserves it. There's so many people out there that I think don't even know what he's capable of and I can't wait until people see it!" Miley told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson at the movie's premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Thankfully for Cyrus, her attentions have not gone unnoticed. "She's very supportive," Hemsworth said of Miley. "Number one fan right there!"