Miley Cyrus in Bathtub, Nude Photo Raises Concerns About Marriage

A new photo of Miley Cyrus posing in a bathtub has raised concerns about the direction the star is heading as she becomes increasingly risqué.

Miley Cyrus announced her engagement to Liam Hemsworth in June, prompting some to question whether the 19-year-old was too young for marriage. A study from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 24 percent of marriages that occur before 25 end in divorce. That number doubles for couple that marry before they turn 18.

These figures seem to indicate that many young people are not ready for the lifelong commitment of marriage and do not really understand the sanctity and vows involved.

The new photo of the star that has been leaked shows her posing nude in a bathtub – although not revealing herself fully – the photo is still very suggestive and is part of an increasingly worrying trend for the teen star. Just days ago the star posted another alluring photo of herself on Twitter, causing many to suggest they are inappropriate for someone who has already committed herself to marriage.

In a New York Times article about why couples divorce so young, couples in their 20s spoke out about why their marriages didn't work. One man, Richard Bosch, stated that his marriage fell apart because "we were both very young, and we had no idea what marriage was."

Different professionals weighed in on why young couples face so much strife. Two of the reasons suggested dealt with sex and a lack of self-understanding.

Norma Cohen, a clinical social worker with the Family Service Association of Nassau County in Hempstead, Long Island stated that sex can harm instead of help a marriage. Couples look forward to "fantastic sex" but by the time they are married, it is just an old trick.

''In the past, sex could carry people over difficult periods. Now it's old hat, and it just doesn't sustain the marriage," Cohen told The New York Times previously.

In addition, Lori Heyman Gordon, director of the Family Relations Institute in Falls Church, Va., stated that young people are ''emotionally not at the stage to be able to understand themselves."

The nude photo was taken by photographer Vijat Mohindra and defended because it was allegedly intended for fiancé Hemsworth only.