Miley Cyrus Shocks Rap Producer With Explicit Lyrics: 'Nothing Like What We Expected'

Miley Cyrus shocked rap producer Marcos "Kosine" Palacios when she launched into an expletive-laden, explicit version of Big Sean's "Dance, Dance, Dance." The former Disney star was meeting with Da Internz producer to work on her newest album's rap track when she started rapping the verse.

Miley Cyrus is nothing like the "super reserved" version of herself formerly portrayed on "Hannah Montana," Palacios said. Instead, she shocked him and his crew by being far more extroverted and rapping Nicki Minaj's vulgar lyrics during the meeting.

"Yo first of all, Miley is nothing (like) what we expected," Palacios told MTV News. "We expected her to be super reserved and so we were trying to be [that way too]. … Miley is turned up!"

"She invites us over to her house, and first time meeting her [she is] singing Big Sean's 'Dance, Dance, Dance,' [the] Nicki Minaj verse. She sang the explicit version," the producer continued.

Cyrus' latest album will have a slew of guest appearances, many of them well known in the hip-hop community. So far, Tyler the Creator, Juicy J, Mac Miller, Pharrell, and various others have been slated to be involved with her new sound.

Despite the explicit rapping and the hip-hop guest appearances, Cyrus claimed she never intended to make a hip-hop track; it was Tyler the Creator of Odd Future that influenced her.

"I wrote this song with Mary J Blige, and Tyler the Creator heard it and said, 'I am obsessed with this song, and I will guest on it if you promise me that you will keep it on the album.' And he killed it," Cyrus explained to Cosmopolitan magazine.

"I really didn't want to make a hip-hop record, and I'm not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki Minaj. That's not my vibe," she added.

Cyrus has been steadily forsaking her squeaky clean image as a former Disney star by getting multiple tattoos, promising to get more explicit in her coming music, and even posing with very little on the cover of the latest Cosmopolitan magazine. For her, the latest album will reflect her shedding of the family image for a completely different one.

"It's almost like being a new artist and trying to make a first impression," Cyrus said.