Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Video Brings Criticism of Director Terry Richardson

With talk surrounding Miley Cyrus' new video "Wrecking Ball," a former model who worked with the video's director, Terry Richardson, revealed that his ongoing antics are getting a pass from the entertainment industry.

After the video was broadcast, Richardson posted even more pictures of the video shoot on his website, which showed the 20-year-old Miley embracing him while wearing an open robe and twerking against a wall.

Now Jamie Peck, a former model, is coming forward to expose the photographer for his history of sexual harassment and to warn other young entertainers who might want to work with him.

"If Miley wants people to think that she's an empowered woman, in control of her own image, then it behooves her not to endorse someone who's done things like Terry has," Peck told

So far, the new video "Wrecking Ball" has earned over 20 million views and has only been out for a few days, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Cyrus tweeted the announcement of the record breaking number of views.

"We broke the record ☺ We hit 12.3 million on vevo ☺ keep watching #wreckingballonvevo thank you Smilers," she wrote early on the morning of Sept 10.

The previous record was not set by Cyrus and "We Can't Stop," but it was held by the popular boy band One Direction and their hit "Best Song Ever."

Within just 24 hours, that One Direction video earned a huge 10.9 million views on Vevo, according to USA Today.

Yet, Cyrus is asking her fans to move past the controversial dress, or lack thereof, and concentrate on the videos deeper meaning and message, which is why the young singer did the video in the first place.

"If people can take their minds off the obvious and go deeper into their imagination and see what the video really means, it is so vulnerable," Cyrus said. "It was much more of an emotional experience."