Military Plane Crashes, All Crewmembers Dead

A military plane crashed in Washington State yesterday, killing all three crewmembers aboard. The Navy has launched an investigation into the crash, which took place during a "low-level navigation training mission."

"First responders are on the scene and have reported finding partial remains of the mishap aircrew," the Navy initially told Congress after learning of the crash. "All three onboard are presumed dead."

Unfortunately, that presumption was correct, but the Navy has not released the names of the dead, pending notification of families and proper identification. The incident took place Monday morning during what was supposed to be a daily training mission, according to the Navy.

It's unknown what caused the crash, but Navy personnel are leading an investigation into the ordeal. The crash has struck a painful chord with members of Congress and government leaders across the nation.

"The thoughts and prayers of northwest Washington are with the families of the aircrew who lost their lives today. This tragic crash is a painful reminder of the dangerous work that members of the armed services perform every day in service to our nation," U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen said while in the House of Representatives.

The House then held a moment of silence to honor the lives that were lost in the crash.

"I know all Washingtonians join me in sending condolences to the crew's families and to all their fellow service members," Washington Governor Jay Inslee said in a public statement.

The news of the fatal crash came on the same day that an F-35 made an emergency landing after its internal caution light came on over Texas. The pilot of that flight was able to make a safe landing, and an investigation into that situation has been launched as well.

The plane that went down in Washington was a Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler, a twin-engine electronic warfare aircraft, base spokesman Mike Welding told Reuters. It is mainly used to provide support to air and ground troops by interfering with enemy communications.