Milwaukee Bra Ban? Milwaukee Council Drops Bra Ban Threat at Historic Bowling Alley (VIDEO)

A potential Milwaukee's bra ban has been dropped by local officials, according to reports this week, after public outrage at the threat.

A Milwaukee city inspector had lodged a complaint that a bowling alley in the city contained a fire hazard, potentially meaning the business could face severe fines if it did not rectify the issue.

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(YouTube/TodaySTMJ4 Screen Shot)A Milwaukee bra ban has been dropped by the local council.

The problem at the Holler House bowling alley, the inspector had said, was the bras hanging from the ceiling at the establishment.

The complaint became known as the Milwaukee bra ban, however, it now appears as thought the Milwaukee city council has decided to drop the complaint and that the bra ban will not be put into force.

The bowling alley is known locally as a historic building, having been in operation for more than 100 years. Owner Marcy Skowronski has explained that women have been throwing their bras up to the rafters by the ceiling for the past 45 years and that it had become a tradition.

Skowronski said: "They've been hanging there for 45 years. I had inspectors here for 45 years. Every year they come and nobody's said anything."

So she was shocked when an inspector visited this year and demanded that the bras be taken down, calling them a fire hazard.

An outraged Skowronski then contacted reporters at the local Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, hoping that if she could generate wider awareness and publicity that the public support would make the council back down from the ban.

Her efforts now appear to have worked; Alderman Bob Donovan heard about the problem and in less than 24 hours the bra ban had been dropped.

Donovan said: "Long story short, common sense prevailed and the city backed down … We're going to have a rehang the bras party over there and perhaps charge at the door … And any money we are able to bring in, the proceeds will go to buying a little common sense for the Department of Neighborhood Services."

Here is a video news report into the incident: