Minecraft 1.8 Update: Release Date Teaser, Mojang Releases Photo 14w31a

Mojang has been announcing updates for version 1.8 of Minecraft over the past few weeks and it seems that they are now winding down their development cycle and are focusing on bug fixes. The company has still not announced an official release date for Minecraft 1.8 although most analysts believe the release will come sooner rather than later.


In addition to that, on the company's official website it has released details about snapshot 14w31a on Thursday. The article was created by Dinnerbone, one of the developers of the survival-sandbox game.

Notable changes in the snapshot include:
Experimental: Mob pathfinding is threaded.
Rabbits have sounds!
The surface of the sun is no longer incorrectly made of cheese.

The list of bug fixes and changes in the game is extensive and a complete listing of each fix and its description can be read on Mojang's official website.

Mojang encourages Minecraft players to try and test out the most current build of the game and look out for any bugs. To do so, open the Minecraft launcher and click the "New Profile" button. Name the new profile "Snapshots" and tick the check box which says "Enable experimental development snapshots" and save the profile.

To switch to the normal version, players can select the dropdown box at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Players can then run the game as they please and if any bugs are found, the company urges players to submit a report to bugs.mojang.com. This way, Mojang can fix any bug that they haven't encountered yet.

Mojang also warns players that snapshots could corrupt any world that the player has already created and encourages backing up the files that contain the world save files. Another alternative is to run the game on a different folder.