'Minecraft' News: Devs Delay 'Super Duper Graphics' DLC to 2018

Mojan/MicrosoftPreview of the upcoming Super Duper Graphics pack for "Minecraft."

It was recently announced that the release of the major graphics update for the sandbox video game "Minecraft" will be delayed to 2018.

The major update, which developers call the Super Duper Graphics pack, was initially slated to launch before 2017 ends. However, in the MineCon Earth streaming event held over the weekend, developers confirmed they had to delay the content's release to 2018.

In a recap of everything announced at the MineCon Earth, developers from Mojang and Microsoft said: "We also want to update you on the Super Duper Graphics pack. While originally set for release this year, there's a lot of work to be done still and we're not going to be ready to launch it in 2017. We'll be releasing Super Duper next year, and we'll have more information for you here on Minecraft.net soon."

The Super Duper Graphics pack was first announced in June and will upgrade the game to 4K resolution with high-dynamic range support. While "Minecraft" regularly receives new contents, the Super Duper Graphics pack will mark one of the biggest improvements to ever arrive in the game especially with the availability of more advanced gaming platforms such as the Xbox One X.

Meanwhile, developers previously clarified that the Super Duper Graphics pack will be an "optional DLC" and will only be available on the Xbox One and PC platforms, but it is promised to work best on Xbox One X and high-end PCs.

In other related news, developers also announced during the MineCon Earth that the cross-platform multiplayer version of "Minecraft" on Nintendo Switch will also be released in 2018. No specific reason was provided for the delay, as they only said that the developers "need to make sure [they] deliver the best experience possible."

The cross-platform multiplayer "Minecraft" on Xbox, PC, mobile, and soon on the Nintendo Switch was one of the developments announced by Microsoft and Mojang this year. Unfortunately for PlayStation players, Sony seemed not very inclined to join the party.