'Minecraft' Nintendo Switch screenshot bug fix news: Nintendo confirms bug, currently working on a fix

Facebook/MinecraftPromotional image for "Minecraft."

After installing "Minecraft," Nintendo Switch owners have experienced a random bug, wherein the console takes screenshots randomly during gameplay and saves these, even waking up from sleep mode to do so. A second issue is false Home button presses. The gaming company has since confirmed these issues, and said that it is currently working on the fix for this.

This announcement was made by 4J Studios, the company that ported "Minecraft" to the Nintendo Switch, on Twitter. However, no date has been released so far as to when the fix will be rolled out.

The "Minecraft" issue was first observed during the official preview live stream of the game. However, it was only when the game was rolled out that players began complaining about the bug.

Although fingers initially pointed to "Minecraft" being the culprit for the bug, players continue to encounter the problem even if they have already closed the gaming app. Some have complained that they are slowly running out of storage on their Nintendo Switch because the random screenshots are filling the space.

Nintendo Life also reported that during testing, they discovered that running "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" in the background and then accessing "All Software" can also trigger the issues that had been identified initially with the installation of "Minecraft."

According to IGN, a quick fix to the issue would be for users to perform a hard reset of the console — they need to press the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off before turning it back on again. However, it is unclear if this has been able to resolve the issue for all Nintendo Switch consoles that have encountered this bug.

"Minecraft" was made available to the console digitally via the Nintendo Switch eShop on May 12. No announcement has been given as to when a physical copy of the game will be released to the public.