'Minecraft: Story Mode' Season 2 Episode 2: New Trailer Reveals Colossal Enemy, Hero Auditions

Telltale continues to build on its "Minecraft: Story Mode" season 2, which is in its second episode already since its launch on July 11. A new trailer reveals a new, huge enemy that threatens to crush Beacontown to rubble.

YouTube/Telltale GamesA still from the trailer of "Minecraft: Story Mode" Season Two Episode Two, showing a new colossal enemy threatening Beacontown.

Going back to the events that started all these, Jesse and the crew has just dealt with the Wither Storm when the main hero gets stuck in an ominous-looking gauntlet. Trying to find a way to get it off, Jesse gathers friends and allies in a search that led to an ancient underwater temple.

This new enemy, as featured in the new Episode Two trailer for "Minecraft: Story Mode," definitely looks like it belonged to the underwater ruins that Jesse and the gang have just cleared.

"Greeting, tiny people," the colossus politely addressed the inhabitants of Beacontown, shortly before wreaking havoc. Jesse refers to it as "The Admin," although how it got to the surface remains a mystery, for now.

In a surprising twist, however, The Admin looked like it just wanted to host some hero tryouts in a new area called "The Arena." The giant stonework creature intones, "Your true test, begins," before sending Jesse, friends, plus some rivals down to the arena where they can decide who's got what it takes.

Then, the trailer showed scenes of puzzle rooms, obstacle courses and mining rail tracks as the participants are divided between working together, or coming out on top. "You're not supposed to help each other, the losers are supposed to lose!" an unknown figure berates the group of adventurers.

Fans can get this next installment of "Minecraft: Story Mode," part of "The Telltale Series," later in the week. Episode 2 of the game's second season will be out on Tuesday, Aug. 15, when it becomes available for download.

The video below shows the trailer for the next episode of "Minecraft: Story Mode" season 2 by Telltale Games.