Sony Conducting Testing on Minecraft, Bug Fixes Still Ongoing


Minecraft fans will be able to play the game in their PS4 consoles soon as 4J studios already submitted the updated version to Sony for testing.

4J took to their social media few days ago to announce the progress, according to The Fuse Joplin.

"We've handed Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition over to Sony for final test!" they tweeted.

However, with regards for Minecraft Xbox One and PlayStation Vita versions, the developers are still doing additional bug fixes. Also on their Twitter, the studio announced that the other versions may take some time.

"We're still bug fixing #MinecraftXbox1 and #MinecraftPSVita. We'll give you news when we have it." they stated via Twitter.

Even though release dates are still vague, players already have the hints of its launching, which was previously slated to happen somewhere later in August. But with the news of ongoing fixes for Microsoft consoles and PS Vita, the dates will likely be pushed back to September.

Xbox One handlers will see bundle upgrades including Title Update 14 and 15.. They also said that players will now be able to gain trade access with NPCs – a feature already available on Xbox 360.

Other sources also quoted Mojang about the additional specs for the upcoming Minecraft for Xbox One. Among the mentioned is the transferability of DLC skins and texture packs purchased from Xbox 360 to Xbox One edition.

Also included is the ability to import save files from Xbox 360 to Xbox One but not the other way around.

If the Sony testing will proceed smoothly, Minecraft for Playstation 4 could be expected to arrive by the end of the month, Gamespot speculated.