'Miracle' Baby Born During Motorcycle Crash That Kills Parents

(Screenshot: Sky News)

A newborn in China is being called a "miracle baby" after he was born during the motorcycle crash that killed his father and mother.

An officer in Xiamen City in southeast China was at the scene of a horrific accident where a man and woman on a motorcycle were killed after colliding with a truck. Near the woman's body, the officer spotted a baby on the ground.

At the hospital, the baby boy, who weighed 9 lbs 2 oz, was suffering from bleeding in his skull, an injury to the nerves in his chest and a bruised lung.

(Screenshot: Sky News)

Authorities determined the infant's parents were driving to the hospital after the mother started feeling abdominal pains.

"The vehicle incident made us feel life is fragile, but the new born baby touched us with the miracle and the greatness of life. So, we are all in awe of this new born life," said Lyu Yiwen, of Xiamen Haicang Traffic Police Brigade.

See video of the miracle baby at Sky News.