Miracle Baby Born on Roof in Phillipines Flood

Out of the devastating storm that ravaged the southern Philippines, a “miracle” baby was born.

The child was born on the roof of a flooded health center after her parents escaped some of the worst flash flooding witnessed in the Philippines in recent years.The flooding was triggered by the typhoon Washi, which caused major destruction in two southern Philippines cities.

Annaliza Tumanda gave birth to a new baby girl on Saturday after escaping her home by swimming through the floodwater with her husband and three children during the height of the devastating storm.

A very pregnant Tumanda went into labor shortly after finding refuge in a neighboring three-story home and was brought by rescue workers to the roof of a flooded health center.

On the roof, Tumanda gave birth to a healthy 6.6-pound “miracle” baby girl.

The U.N. has compared the Philippines flood destruction to the likes of a tsunami. Entire villages have been wiped out due to the flooding and over 1,000 people were killed with over 640,000 people displaced.

“It was as if the cities were hit by an inland tsunami,” said U.N. humanitarian coordinator Soe Nyunt-U of the storm.

After surviving the catastrophic flooding, the couple decided to name their child Sendang, the feminine version for the Philippines’ name for the deadly storm.

The couple said they chose to name their child after the storm out of "gratitude" for the survival of the child and to “never forget.”

“It’s a blessing we all survived and my baby is well,” Tumanda said from an evacuation center in Cagayan de Oro.

“With God’s will, we survived. It was like a miracle,” the mother added.