'Miracles From Heaven' Movie Reveals Family's Powerful Testimony of God's Healing (Interview)

(Photo: Chuck Zlotnick)Actors Jennifer Garner and Kylie Rogers star in Columbia Pictures' film "Miracles From Heaven," 2016.

At the tender age of 5, Annabel Beam was diagnosed with antral hypomotility and pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, a rare incurable condition that resulted her being admitted to the hospital serveral times each year. But a life-threatening fall and a trip to Heaven in 2011 changed everything, and now her miraculous recovery and experience is headed to the big screen in "Miracles From Heaven."

"Miracles from Heaven" is set to prove that there is hope in times of struggle and darkness and an even greater hope awaiting in Heaven.

God's power to perform miracles in people's lives every day, as the testimony of Annabel Beam reveals in the film about one girl's miraculous healing after a tragic fall.

While climbing a hollowed-out cottonwood tree with her sister a branch gave way, sending young Annabel 30 feet head first deep into the tree, trapping her inside. After an all-night rescue mission an emergency fire crew harnessed Annabel out of the tree and rushed her to the hospital in an emergency medical helicopter.

Kicking off a slew of miracles, her fall left no injury and healed her disorders. Furthermore, Annabel revealed that while she was unconscious, she visited Heaven, saw relatives and met Jesus.

Christy Beam, Anna's mother, tells the supernatural story in the book, Miracles From Heaven, and a film of the same name, which will hit theaters across the country on March 16. The film stars A-list actress Jennifer Garner as Christy, Martin Henderson as Christy's husband, Kevin, and Kylie Rogers as Anna.

The following is an edited transcript of Christy's interview with The Christian Post in which she shares the family's frightening plight, Anna's miraculous healing and their new found ministry to share hope with others ahead of the film's release.

CP: Miracles From Heaven started as a book and now it's a movie, how amazing is that for you and your family?

Christy: It is so very amazing! It is such an honor that our story is being used to offer hope to so many. I receive messages from all over the world that the book has changed someone's life. I cannot wait to see and hear the results after people see the movie.  

CP: People sometimes have a hard time believing that all things happen for good, can you briefly walk us through your thoughts and emotions from when Anna had the fall up to when she was pronounced healed?

Christy: After the fall I was just so grateful for the miracle of her walking away without any injury. I was often thanking God for his unending hand of mercy and protection for Annabel. It took me a while to come to accept that she really was healed — the fear of accepting she was healed — and it just being coincidence or a fluke terrified me. It came to a point there was no denying the reality of Annabel's healing.  

CP: While Anna was stuck in the tree you and your family prayed, what can you tell people about the power of prayer?

Christy: I can tell you that God absolutely hears each and every one of our prayers! At times I more cried out to God than prayed, but He knew my heart and He knew my anguish. Once I accepted the hard to believe reality that God loves Annabel more than I do, I felt we had a common bond in prayer.

(Photo: Scott Liu/The Christian Post)Mother and daughter, Christy and Annabel Beam, discuss Christy's new memoir "Miracles From Heaven" with The Christian Post in New York City, April 14, 2015.

CP: What was your initial reaction when Annabel said she saw relatives and Jesus in Heaven?

Christy: The very first thing that popped into my head was, 'How hard did you hit your head?' But of course I would never say that. The things Annabel shared about her Heaven experience could not have been made up. The details were too intricate for a 9 year old. The more she talked the more I had no doubt Anna had truly lived what she was sharing with me.

CP: You and your family believe her healing was from God but doctors couldn't explain what happened. What do they think happened? Did they acknowledge that it was divine?

Christy: Officially, they simply said they don't know what happened. One of her doctors said, 'I am really glad she fell in that tree.' Another doctor told me: 'Jesus must have been with that little girl in that tree.'That is what is so amazing about the miracle — no one truly knows. It had to be a God thing.

CP: What can you say to someone who is having a hard time believing that supernatural experiences like Anabelle's are real?

Christy: Annabel is absolute living proof that miracles still happen. In fact, Annabel likes to say, 'God is still in the business of doing miracles.' I would challenge them to read the book, Miracles From Heaven and see the movie in theaters and then see what they say. It is so hard to deny the undeniable.

CP: How did this increase your own faith?

Christy: Through everything I realized how faithful God truly is in the lives of his precious children. I looked back over the years of anguish we had endured and began to see all the small miracles that went on around us daily. It encouraged me to live a life as faithful back to Him. Because of that clarity I now challenge other people to look up during their times of challenge and struggle. Don't miss the miracles going on around you daily. He is faithful.

CP: Prior to everything that happened, did you ever anticipate that a divine miracle would be your full-time ministry?

Christy: No. I absolutely believed in miracles, I just never thought one would happen in my life. [I thought] those things happen to other people, not an ordinary person like me.  

CP: What can we expect from "Miracles from Heaven" the movie? What do you hope people take away from it?

Christy: I hope people walk away inspired to see those small miracles while they are waiting faithfully on the big miracle in their lives. I hope people take away that there is always hope in times of struggle, challenge and darkness.  

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