Miss Kay and Mrs. Kelly at 'Women of Joy'

 Miss Kay, the matriarch of "Duck Dynasty," and Jill Kelly, the wife of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, were among the Christian celebrities who spoke at the Women of Joy Fall conference held in San Antonio, Texas, last weekend.

Kelly told The Christian Post that she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ after she and her husband were told that their only son, Hunter, was going to die from complications of Krabee disease.

"Jesus has changed everything," she said. "Ultimately, the diagnosis and suffering of my one and only son, Hunter, and finding that everything I put my hope into up-to that very point was empty and meaningless. All of the worldly things; all of the money, success, fame, celebrity, power, all of those things came up empty when we were told Hunter was going to die. In the midst of that heartbreak and devastating news, I was so empty, helpless, hopeless, broken and fearful, afraid that every day I would wake up and think: is this the day."

Putting her hope in things that came up empty led her to seek after Jesus Christ, she said.

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