Miss Universe 2013 Crowned: Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler Wins Title

Miss Universe 2013 was crowned as Miss Venezuela Maria Gabriela Isler in Russia on Saturday night.

The famous annual beauty pageant took place at Moscow's Crocus City Hall when Isler received the coveted crown from the outgoing Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo of USA.

Isler, whose full name is Maria Gabriela de Jesus Isler Morales, became the seventh contest win with the South American country.

During the pageant, Isler donned a long-sleeved silver and striped evening gown and answered questions from the judges' panel, including Steven Tyler who asked, "What is your biggest fear and how to you plan to overcome it?"

Miss Venezuela offered a roundabout reply: "I believe we should overcome all of our fears and this in turn will make us all much stronger, and thusly we can become stronger persons."

Despite her answer, the 25-year-old television host was crowned Miss Universe and was overcome with emotion.

"I have a lot of emotions," said Isla, according to Time magazine. "I can't describe all the things that I feel at this moment because I'm shaking."

However, Isler experienced an awkward moment during the crowning though, as outgoing reigning Miss Universe Culpo accidentally dropped the crown on Miss Venezuela's head after the win.

Nevertheless, the new Miss Universe was overjoyed about earning the crown.

"I feel very happy to share my first day as Miss Universe," Isler said, according to the Associated Press. "I'm a simple girl. I am just [here] to have fun, to enjoy the moment- and here I am."

The first runner up at the Miss Universe pageant was Miss Spain Patricia Rodriguez, while Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez finished second.

Following the pageant, Isler posed in a specially designed swimsuit worth $1 million on Sunday.

"That swimsuit travels with an armed security guard 24/7," revealed co-host Thomas Roberts, reported Yahoo.

Meanwhile, Miss Universe is one of the largest beauty pageants in the world among Miss Earth and Miss World when it comes to the number of national-level competitions that participate in the world finals.

The Donald Trump-acquired competition saw 86 contestants from Albania to Zambia in the running for the Miss Universe crown on Nov. 8.