Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Mother Deobrah Bradley Preparing for Arrest After Failing Polygraph Test?

The next door neighbor, who was recently suspected of being involved in the abduction of Lisa Irwin, has passed a lie detector test administered by police, according to KCTV in Kansas City. Does the reported failure of Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, to pass her polygraph exam give her reason to believe she will be arrested?

Accordingly, the husband of next door neighbor Samantha Brando was reportedly interviewed by CNN's Jim Spellman off camera Wednesday. CNN is not identifying the gentleman, but Spellman has reported that the Kansas City Police Department has confirmed that the man is no longer being considered as being involved in the child's disappearance.

According to The Associated Press, Bradford has told them that she has failed her polygraph test.

"They said I failed [a polygraph test], and I continued to say that's not possible because I don't know where she's at and I did not do this," Bradley's neighbor said.

As the investigation drags on beyond the one-month mark, with no reported person or persons deemed to be responsible for the 11-month-old Kansas City, Mo., girl's disappearance, has the fact that Bradley failed her polygraph test the reason why has speculated that she might be arrested?

Family attorney Joe Tacopena told ABC's "Good Morning America" that the police have accused the 25-year-old Bradley of being involved in her daughter’s disappearance:

"The mother who is missing her 10-month-old baby, within an hour, sitting on the floor trembling, as her husband called 9-1-1. Within an hour of that the police are interviewing her, accusing her of murder. That's just not good investigatory tactics and it doesn't build good faith in them."

With no significant break in the case, the coming weeks or perhaps days will prove crucial for Baby Lisa as well as her family.