Missing Florida Woman Was 'Humiliated' on The People's Court, Mother Says

The missing Florida mom who disappeared just hours after her appearance on The People's Court was allegedly "humiliated" by the show, according to her mother.

Michelle Parker, the 33-year old mother of an 11-year-old son and 3-year-old twins, disappeared last Thursday afternoon around 4 p.m. after dropping off the twins at her ex-fiance's home. Parker had appeared with him months prior to tape the popular courtroom reality show to settle a dispute about a $5000 engagement ring that she allegedly threw over a hotel balcony during an argument while drunk.

Her mother, Yvonne Stewart, told ABC News that her daughter was distraught when she returned from the taping, saying "It was the most humiliating experience of my life. I don't even ever want to see it. I wish I had never gone."

Parker's ex-fiance, Dale Smith, has reportedly been cooperative with police and is not a suspect at this time.

The episode of The People's Court revealed a tumultuous relationship between the couple.

"He gets pretty vindictive and malicious, and he's a mean person especially when he's been drinking," said Parker on the show. "Any of the problems we've had have always been alcohol-related."

While Smith was requesting that Parker pay him the full cost of the ring, Judge Marilyn Milian ruled that the two would have to split the cost, as both had agreed to it after the altercation had ended and they got back together.

"I think it was both your faults, just like when you thought it was when you forgave each other and went back for a month, where you guys had the plan that you would each pay for half of the scenario," Milian said.

Hundreds of volunteers have been searching for Parker since Thursday, and a group on Facebook called "Michelle Parker Missing Person" has attracted almost 4,000 followers.

While police have located her Humvee, they have yet to find her cell phone.

Stewart is convinced someone has abducted her daughter.

"Don't make it any worse for yourself, please don’t hurt her," she pleaded to Parker's kidnapper, according to The Daily Mail. "God forgives all of us as his children and I can forgive you. This is my baby girl, she's not a wallet person. She's my best friend and I just want her home. We all want her home. And I know more than anything right now she's got to be so scared."