Missing Girl Found? Police Believe Body is Lana Bailey

Police believe they have found the body of 18-month-old Lana Leigh Bailey, reports state. If so, she will be the fourth person killed on an eastern Kansas farm, where a triple homicide, including Lana's mother, took place.

Investigators found the little girl's body on Saturday but have not positively identified her to the public. They are still conducting tests to ensure that it is the body of the 18-month-old who went missing with her mother, Kaylie, last week.

"The family needed to have this so they can move on. This helps bring some closure to them. It helps bring closure to all of this investigative team. A crime like this takes an emotional toll, especially when it's a child," Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards said during a news conference.

Kaylie Bailey, Andrew Stout, and Steven White were all found murdered on a farm in Kansas. Police have declined to state how they died, but they did arrest Kyle Flack and charged him with capital murder. He has not given police a motive for the murders but is expected to appear in court this week.

Friends of Andrew Stout went to the farm when they couldn't get in touch with him for several days. They noticed a foul odor and called authorities, who initially found nothing. They returned the next day and found Stout's body underneath a tarp in the garage.

"I reached down and saw teeth through the square in the cinder block. I said, 'Corey, there's a body,'" Kortni McGill told the Associated Press.

McGill said that the tarp had a pile of baby clothes on top of it, and police found a burn barrel that had baby clothes, a baby bottle, and a sleeping bag inside. That led them to believe that Kaylie's body, as well as Lana's, may be somewhere on the property.

No Amber Alert was ever issued for Lana, given that she did not meet the criteria and was last seen in the custody of her mother, Kaylie.