Missing Girl Under Bed: Frantic Search Ends in Relief After 4-Year-Old Found Under Family Bed (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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(Photo: YouTube/NBC Bay Area Screen Shot)A missing 4-year-old girl has been found under her grandmother's bed after a frantic search by her family and police when she disappeared during a family gathering on Friday night.

A missing girl has been found under her bed on Saturday after being reported missing on Friday night.

The four year old girl, Amia Renee Stewart of Richmond, had been reported as missing on Friday night while visiting relatives. A frantic call was made by the young girl's family after they could not find her during a family gathering at about 5 p.m. local time.

News of the missing young girl sparked a wide search, with family panicking that she may have wandered off and be lost or even abducted. However, just around midnight after police, her family and the local community had frantically searched for the girl, she was found hiding under a bed at the house she had been visiting.

It is unsure why the girl was under the bed but it seems that she could have been hiding simply as some kind of hide and seek game, and she may have fallen off asleep. Police had even used search dogs to help in the hunt for the little girl, and they were unable to find her under the bed.

An officer has reported to media: "She was surrounded by many different items and unfortunately had gone undetected."

A huge relief fell over the family and local community when she was announced as being found safe and sound. According to NBC Bay Area, many of the girl's family as well as friends in the local community had already begun a frantic search for her throughout the neighborhood.

The girl is said to have been completely fine and was unharmed in any way from the ordeal.

Her tearful mother has since apologized to the public for the panic, and was sorry to have worried everyone. The little girl's grandmother also spoke and admitted that the girl had a habit of hiding, according to NBC News.