Missing Iowa Teens Suspected as Runaways, Police Investigating Disappearances

Investigators '99.99 Percent Certain' Girls Have Not Been Abducted

Police in Iowa are searching for two 15-year-old girls who are believed to have run away with two boys from the area. The girls were last seen on Saturday, but police are eager to bring them home and reunite them with their families.

Skie Floyd and Jazlyn Visek are believed to have run away with two boys, Corey Sunderman and Austin Michael Boggs. Police are not investigating this as a kidnapping or abduction, but rather as a runaway situation.

"At this point we're 99.99 percent certain what we have here is a runaway, not an abduction," Sheriff Randy Forsyth told the press. Police, of course, have to investigate given the girls' ages.

The girls' parents, however, are not convinced that something is wrong and that the girls may be in trouble.

"I know my daughter is scared right now. I'm sure she wants to come home. She's shy, she's sweet, she's kind-hearted," Skie's mother, Dusty Hiepler-Floyd, told KCRG-TV9. "I just want them to know they're not in trouble."

One other reason family and friends don't believe the girls went willingly is that Skie did not take any of her belongings with her.

"She didn't take her purse, she didn't take her money, she didn't take anything with her," Melinda Griffith added. "If you're running away from home, you take everything [you've] got."

Police have advised the public to be on the alert for a gold 1997Jeep Grand Cherokee with no license plates. The four could be traveling together in that vehicle, and police have also asked for the public's help in finding the foursome.

Skie was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with white pinstripes, according to reports; she weighs 115 pounds and has blonde hair. Her traveling companion, Jazlyn, was last wearing a gray zip-up sweatshirt with the word "Arrow" printed on the front. She has two lip piercings and weighs 185 pounds.

Anyone with any information about either of the teens or the Jeep Grand Cherokee is asked to call the Sheriff's Department (319) 472-2337.