Missing Millionaire Case, Guma Aguiar's Boat Never Stopped: Didn't Fake Death?

People believe that a man who had once been valued at over $180 million, faked his own death to avoid having to split his fortune in a messy divorce.

Guma Aguiar disappeared on June 19th. The man was last spotted riding his boat in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida. Due to the details surrounding Gumar's disappearce authorities initially believed that Aguiar may have faked his own death and now new evidence revolving the case further suggests that theory.

Aguiar was an oil tycoon who made an estimated $180 million off the sale of an energy company that he began with his uncle. The large sum has caused some to speculate that the details surrounding his disappearance are questionable although Aguiar's lawyers have stated that more than half of the fortune had already been lost on bad investments and court fees.

Court papers have revealed that Aguiar's wife, Jamie, had filed to overturn a prenuptial agreement between her and her husband, citing the marriage as a "living nightmare." Aguiar, who was diagnosed with bipolar disease, filed similar papers around the same time just before transferring guardianship of his estate from his wife to his mother in his will. Aguiar's mother, Ellen, attempted to resolve control over her son's finances before the search for her son's body had even been concluded which sparked national criticism.

The latest evidence on the case has revealed the GPS tracking coordinates of Aguiar's boat before he went missing. On Thursday detectives released GPS data, which revealed that the boat that the 33 year-old businessman and philanthropist was driving never came to a full stop. Aguiar travelled northeast according to NBC Miami, for an estimated 30 minutes at 30 mph before the speed of his boat rapidly decreased to .6 miles per hour and headed westbound.

One witness told authorities that she had seen the boat "wave jumping" and had only seen one person on the boat.