Missing Missouri Sisters' Bodies Found? Police 'Led' to Site by Suspect

The bodies of two young women were found near Trimble, Missouri, and authorities fear they are the bodies of two sisters missing since Friday. Police captain Erik Holland said they were led there "based on information from a suspect in the disappearance of Britny Haarup and Ashley Key."

Their family has been notified of the discovery, which comes as a shock to those in the community, according to The Kansas City Star. Haarup and Key have been missing since Friday, after Haarup's fiancé returned home to find their two infant daughters alone in a crib, along with her cell phone and purse.

Police said that they discovered a comforter soaked in blood at Haarup's home, and several guns missing. They had been searching for a pickup truck in connection with the case and finally located it on Saturday. Authorities said there was no evidence of foul play in the vehicle, but the two women's bodies were located just north of where the truck had been.

A suspect has been in custody since Sunday, though police refuse to share any information about what led them to this "person of interest." Holland told the Star this person "is under arrest and in custody," but Holland has not said what the charges are, exactly.

"We all held out hope," Cassie Meyers told the Star after the bodies were found. "We were hoping they'd just show up OK, or that they'd call someone … With this news, even if it isn't yet confirmed, the hope's not there."

Paul Haarup, the girls' father, previously speculated that Key had been "running with the wrong crowd," which would eventually catch up with her. She has a 4-year-old daughter and "had been through a rough year," though he didn't explain what made her year so difficult.

Key had been struggling to get back on her feet and asked her sister to let her move in before they disappeared. At a vigil on Saturday, Paul thanked "each and every one of you for coming out. It means the world to us," the Star reported.