Missing Ohio Man Possible 3rd Craigslist Victim

A body of a man discovered in Ohio on Friday, and he may be that of a third victim who answered a Craigslist advertisement about a fake farm job.

Authorities discovered two bodies on the same day approximately 90 miles apart from each other, and they said it is likely the same man perpetrated the crimes. One mad found in a grave near Rolling Acres shopping mall may be that of Timothy Kern, who has been missing for more than a week and his family now fears the worst.

Kern left his home on Nov. 13 after telling his family he was going to meet a man who wanted to hire him, according to the Associated Press. Jack Kern, the father of the missing man, said that the job offered to his son included $300-a-week pay, a trailer and truck, and required him to monitor the farm.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, who have taken on the case, said this might be another piece of an ongoing investigation concerning a killer who is using the popular job-search engine website Craigslist to lure people for job interviews, only to kill them and take their money.

A high school student arrested for attempted murder and another 52-year-old man were identified as suspects and are being held by police, the WKYC revealed, but it has not yet been confirmed if either are the Craigslist killer.

One woman shared that she applied for the same farm job in October, but did not get back a response and moved on to another job.

"When the situation was explained to me, it just instantly made me sick and made me realize how lucky I am that I didn't get a response back," said Heather Tuttle of Ravenna to WKYC, revealing that the FBI. contacted her and explained what happened.

Noble County authorities were given a gag order, and they have not been able to disclose many other details about the case, but the FBI is searching both for the killer and any other victims.