Missing Utah Mom Photos Found on Computer of Former Father-in-Law

Policed seized thousands of photos from the computer of Susan Powell's father-in-law which showed the mother seemingly unaware that her picture was being taken.

The photos were recovered by police investigators while they were searching the house of Susan Powell's husband Josh, which he shared with his father Steve. Josh Powell killed himself and the couple's two young sons earlier this year.

The cache of pictures was obtained through public records laws by the Associated Press, but police have known about the contents of the pictures since they searched the house last year.

Police did not charge Steve Powell in connection with the disappearance of Susan Powell, but the majority of pictures contained Susan Powell in all aspects of her life, according to reports.

Steve Powell is currently serving a 2-year prison sentence stemming from the voyeurism case that was brought against him by Susan Powell's parents. He was convicted on 14 counts of voyeurism this past summer after pictures were uncovered that contained girls in various states of undress as well as photos containing Susan Powell.

Susan Powell disappeared in Utah in December 2009. Records indicate that Utah investigators focused their attention primarily on her husband.

Josh Powell was never charged with the death or disappearance of his wife, but police did reveal that Susan predicted something bad would happen to her in a note that was found in a safety deposit box.

"If Susan Powell dies, it may not be an accident, even if looks like one," read a note written by Susan. It was left with her will and life insurance policies in a safe deposit box.

The case has left Susan's family left wondering why investigators did not act on what looked like rock solid evidence, but officials maintain they followed protocol in regards to the investigation.

"It is easy to Monday-morning quarterback these things. It is easy for those of us who watch TV to say, 'Hey, there is plenty of evidence.' It is a different matter if you are in the legal community to have enough evidence to go in for an arrest," West Valley Mayor Mike Winder said in a statement.