Missing Washington Boy: Parents Left a Child Alone in Car Before

The parents of a missing 2-year-old Washington boy were cited in the past for leaving a child without supervision in a vehicle in 2009, recent reports revealed.

Sky Metalwala is missing since he disappeared from the family car on Sunday morning as his mother took his 4-year-old sister to get gas from a friend. She forgot to lock the door and returned an hour later to find her son missing. Investigators have scourrf the area since yesterday, but no clues have been found as to the boy’s whereabouts.

Reports revealed the parents had been cited in December 2009 for reckless endangerment and leaving a young child unattended in a vehicle – the exact situation that has now led to the disappearance of their 2-year-old toddler.

Ian Goodhew, a representative for the King County Prosecutor’s office, said Julia Biryukova, the mother, and her ex-husband, Solomon Metalwala, were ordered to do 40 hours of community service and attend a 10-week parenting class, the Associated Press revealed.

After the couple agreed to do the time, the case against them was dropped earlier this year. The couple was experiencing problems in their relationship, and separated in 2010 after marrying in 2003. In June of last year, Biryukova filed for a protection order from Solomon, saying he had “severe anger issues,” and that he physically and verbally abused her.

In the incident report, Biryukova revealed the extent of the abuse that she had suffered:

"He became furious like I have never seen him before, he grabbed me by my hair (in front of our 3½ year old daughter), dragged me into our hallway, threw me down on the floor and then threw me against a decorative column we have in the entrance of our home. He continued to assault me with his feet - by kicking me and then he took out his car keys and contrived to scratch me in any area he could."

The search for the 2-year-old toddler continues as authorities are waiting for any possible clues or leads.