Mission Groups, Kathie Lee Gifford to Host 7th Annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet

An association of mission groups and Kathie Lee Gifford will host the 7th Annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet next week.

An association of mission groups will host the 7th Annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet next week along with Kathie Lee Gifford.

The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM), a union of 300 rescue mission groups in North America, along with Honorary Chair Kathie Lee will serve Thanksgiving meals to half a million homeless men, women and children during the holiday season.

“The work that Rescue Missions do every day to help these unfortunate souls is extraordinary,” said Gifford. “I am so pleased to be able to do something as simple as serve a Thanksgiving meal to the homeless here in New York – it may be the opportunity for someone to discover the assistance available, and move into a new life.”

The kickoff event for the Thanksgiving banquet will be held at the New York City Rescue Mission on Nov. 21, where hundreds of people will be served traditional Thanksgiving meals. Similar holiday courses will be provided at more than 300 Rescue Missions throughout the country.

The Kansas City-based Association of Gospel Rescue Missions was founded in 1913 and is among the ten largest nonprofit organizations in the United States in terms` of annual cash contributions. The rescue missions provide emergency food and shelter, youth and family services, rehabilitation programs for the addicted, and assistance to the elderly, poor and at-risk youth. Last year, AGRM missions served more than 36 million meals, provided 13 million nights of lodging, distributed more than 20 million pieces of clothing and graduated 14,500 homeless men and women into productive living.

“Rescue Missions all over the country have been assisting the most visible homeless population – the victims of Katrina and Rita. But every day Rescue Missions serve meals, offer clothing and emergency shelter, and provide rehabilitation programs for those suffering from substance abuse problems,” said Rev. Stephen E. Burger, Executive Director of the AGRM. “Rescue Missions are a big part of the solution to the problem of homelessness in the U.S.”