Missy Franklin Decision to Not Swim High School: Let Others Shine?

Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin is considering whether or not she should swim during her last year at Regis Jesuit High School outside Denver. The 17-year-old senior has suggested that her presence at competitions could deprive others the opportunity to shine at champion meets.

But instead of teammates discouraging their biggest competition, Franklin says that the opposite is true.

"If I had anyone who swims high school come up to me and tell me they don't want me to swim, I would absolutely not swim," Franklin said Monday according to USA Today. "But everyone who I've talked to has been so supportive of it."

On the other, Franklin does have her opponents. She explained that it was difficult because there are "so many people that are really wanting me to do it and so supportive, and I have other people who are saying it's not fair. 'Why would you do this to other girls?' And I feel so bad thinking that they would think that."

The mixed reviews have led Franklin to believe that it is a lose-lose situation because she is "relying on other people's opinions" and "so many different opinions" have left her confused.

"It's hard, because I feel like no matter what I do, it's going to be opposed in some way or form," she said adding, "It's hard, but it's life."

Franklin's parents have shown worry that if she decides to pass on her high school swim career that she'll look back later and regret it. Franklin is also already considering college and has signed a letter of intent stating the she will attend the University of California for two years before she attempts to go pro. For now, Franklin has said that she is done with having to make decisions.

"I've had to make a lot of [decisions], and to be honest I'm kind of tired of them, and I don't want to make them anymore," Franklin said on Monday to iSportTimes. "But I think this is my last big decision for a while."