Misty Morrissey and Missing Lyric Cook: Mother Hospitalized After Alleged Binge Drinking

Lyric Cook and her cousin, Elizabeth Collins, have been missing for over one month now, and police are no closer to solving the mystery. Cook's mother, Misty Morrissey, was hospitalized this weekend after a night of binge drinking. Could Morrissey be crumbling under the public scrutiny?

She was taken to a local hospital after being found unresponsive at a relative's home- quite possibly the result of a bad combination of alcohol and narcotics. Sources have said that Morrissey was released from the hospital after reviving; the family has not spoken publicly about the ordeal.

Lyric and Elizabeth were last seen riding their bikes just a few miles from their home in Evansdale, Iowa. Police immediately began scouring the area, hoping for any sign of their whereabouts, but came up shorthanded. They have now labeled the mystery an abduction, but have not named any official suspects.

One rumored suspect is Lyric's father, Dan Morrissey. He has had a tumultuous past, with a criminal record. Morrissey has been put under pre-trial supervision, complete with parole officers who monitor his every move. He has been prohibited from having any contact with Misty.

"Yeah, they're looking at me like a suspect," he told ABC News. "You tell them the truth and they say, 'You're holding something back.' What is left to talk about? You know, we go over and over and over again."

With this latest situation, the focus could turn back around on Misty. It's clear that she is not holding up well under the public spotlight and could be succumbing to old patterns. She was tied to a methamphetamine ring in 2003, giving her a criminal history as well.

It's unclear what led to Morrissey collapsing, but it possible that drugs- whether prescribed or otherwise- were involved.

Anyone with information about Lyric Cook or Elizabeth Collins is encouraged to call the Evansdale Police Department at (319) 232-6682.