Mitt Romney iPhone App Typo Goes Viral

Republican GOP candidate Mitt Romney has launched a new iPhone app campaign with a misspelled slogan that has gone viral on Twitter and other photo-sharing sites on the Internet.

The app gives users the chance to post pictures of themselves under 14 different slogans declaring "I'm with Mitt," but one of those slogans features the misspelling "A Better Amercia."

A spokesman for the Romney campaign has revealed that a corrected version of the app was already sent to Apple, with Andrea Saul telling MSNBC that "mistakes happen."

The incorrect spelling of "America" has already been mocked and made fun of by many Twitter users, and has been trending on the internet at large.

"While #Amercia does have a nice ring to it, Romney's developers of 'his' app may want to begin looking for new jobs," wrote one Twitter user.

"Whew, I hear Mitt's updating that misspelled Amercia on his app. He's just going with Untied States now," another joked. A third Twitter user suggested: "AMERCIA TEH BUETIFLU."

The misspelling is an example of how a small mistake can spread quickly and become a trending topic in the Internet. It is one of the things Romney, who on Tuesday clinched the Republican nomination after receiving enough votes in Texas, will want to avoid as he faces up to President Barack Obama in November's general election.

"A Better America Begins Tonight" is a popular slogan that the Romney campaign employs during the GOP elections, and has been used on a number of occasions during the former Massachusetts governor's speeches. In those speeches, Romney often talks about encounters with everyday Americans who are dealing with the economic downturn and hardships they are facing in life, and in turn shares how he hopes to have an impact and change the country's fortunes if elected as president.