Mitt Romney is 'Unbelievably Temperamental' and Obsessed with Image, Says New Tell-All Book

In the heat of the 2012 election race, two Politico journalists gave an account of the day-by-day mud slinging that usually comes with American politics.

Mike Allen and Evan Thomas detail everything in a Random House e-book titled, POLITICO Playbook 2012: Right Fights Back.

According to the book, Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, is a fitness guru that runs three miles a day when he’s traveling, whether it be on a jogging trail, treadmill in a gym, or around the hotel.

When the former governor eats pizza, he pulls the cheese off the top. If Romney is in the South, he might go to Bojangles for fried chicken as a treat. He supposedly loves KFC, but pulls the skin off the chicken before eating the fast food delicacy.

Regularly, Romney meals include turkey breast, rice, and broccoli, followed by water or a Diet Coke.

Romney, according to Perry aide David Carney, has a temper problem: “Unbelievably temperamental … if he thinks that it's 3 in the afternoon, it's 3 in the afternoon, no matter what time it is.”

Also included in the book is Romney’s decision as to run again after the 2008 elections. Last year he was telling his children that it was very doubtful he would run again.

The book also details the dirt on Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Haley Barbour.