'MLB The Show 18' News: Next Installment of the Series Will Feature a Batting Stance Creator

Players will also be able to tinker with the batting stances already included in the game
PlayStation official website'MLB The Show 18' will be released on March 27

One of the main attractions of the "MLB The Show" franchise is that it allows baseball fans to live out their dreams of playing in the Majors by letting them create their own players.

These player-created characters are pretty customizable. Many elements of a created character's appearance can be adjusted by the player and even their abilities can be tweaked and changed.

In "MLB The Show 18," developers are taking customization up a notch by allowing fans to create their own batting stances.

A new video shared by GameStop previewed the new Batting Stance Creator that is going to be included in the aforementioned game.

Once inside the creation tool, players will be able to adjust specific elements of a batting stance.

Players will be able to choose where the hands are placed, giving them the option of having these set up high or closer to the belt buckle. Fans can also decide where the back elbow is located.

For those fans who still remember Gary Sheffield's iconic stance – the one where he swings the bat back and forth rapidly as he waits for the baseball to be thrown – they can opt to have some bat wiggle integrated into their custom stance as well.

Players can also set where the batter's front foot will be placed.

Aside from allowing fans to create their own custom batting stances, "MLB The Show 18" is also going to provide a feature that will make it possible for players to adjust stances already in the game.

Once the game is released, players will be able to carefully craft the batting stance they have always wanted to use as a Major Leaguer and see how well it works against the best pitchers in the world.

Developers are expected to reveal more about the game on Feb. 15 during a new Twitch stream, and hopefully the Batting Stance Creator will be among the features discussed then.

"MLB The Show 18" is set to be released on March 27.