Model Lauren Scruggs Recovering After Being Struck By Plane Propeller

Lauren Scruggs, the Dallas model who walked into a plane propeller Saturday, is reportedly recovering well.

The 23-year-old’s family reports that although the accident severed her left hand, fractured her skull, lacerated her face and extensively damaged her eye, the model remains in good spirits.

The family of the model, first reported Lauren’s recovery on Wednesday morning on her Website, writing, “Lauren Walks!”

The site also reads, “This morning, Lauren experienced a victory!” and, “Earlier, the physical therapist assisted Lauren in walking for the first time.”

In a news conference with NBC’s “Today” on Thursday, Scruggs' parents said their daughter doesn't remember exactly what happened to her as she suffered brain damage. All she knows is that she "was in a bad accident, but she can't remember any detail of it at all."

Her father added that she looked at herself in the mirror and her response indicated that her “spunk” was back.

"She looked and she said, 'that's not that bad,'" he told reporters. "So that was really encouraging. You know what, and she still has her beautiful smile."

On Saturday, Scruggs landed at Aero Country Airport, about 30 miles from Dallas, after a flight with her pilot friend to see Christmas lights. While she navigated in the darkness toward the front of the plane, Scruggs walked into the propeller, which was still spinning. It struck her on the left side fracturing her skull, causing a brain injury and breaking her left collarbone.

She may lose her eye if it continues to be unresponsive. Her parents believe the accident occurred when Scruggs walked over to the front of the plane to speak to her pilot friend and not because of the pilot’s negligence.

"She's excelling in physical and occupational therapies," Jeff Scruggs said to reporters. "They're not as concerned about that, but it's more a concern in the cognitive and neurological therapies she's going to need after this."

“She is just a fighter and she will fight through this,” Cheryl Scruggs said on “Today” “She will make it through, and she will use it for good. She’s going to have a tough time when she finds out ... everything that’s happened, and losing her left hand is really a tough thing, but she’ll fight.”

Because Lauren will need several surgical procedures, her parents have started the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund to raise money for the operations.