Modern Culture Gone Crazy

 A pastor and author of a recently released book has stated that America has "gone crazy" when it comes to the issues of sex and money.

Paul David Tripp, head of the Philadelphia-based Paul Tripp Ministries, told The Christian Post, "Looking at my own heart and life and then looking at the surrounding culture I think if you just take Western culture, two places where we've pretty much gone insane is in the two areas of sex and money."

"It's almost to the point where you can barely watch television or go to a movie or be at a mall or read a magazine or listen to a piece of contemporary music without having your morals assaulted."

Tripp, who recently wrote about these matters in Sex & Money: Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies, also told CP that the problems go beyond external forces.

"Once God and God's plan are not at the center of the way I think about myself, my identity, my meaning and purpose, then I'm central," said Tripp.

"I would observe that if accountability was all we needed in the sexual area and budget is all we needed in the financial area, there would be a whole lot more pure people and a whole lot less people in debt."