Molly Sims: Perk of Pregnancy is Eating What You Want

Actress and model Molly Sims is fully embracing her pregnancy, along with the cravings and urge to eat more. She revealed to People that on at least one occasion she indulged in four desserts.

"Yesterday I had three desserts," she wrote on People's Baby Blog. "I literally had a Sprinkles red velvet cupcake, this little piece of Marzipan bundt cake, and sorbet. Oh, that's right, and I had some frozen yogurt: cake batter with graham cracker crust."

She and husband Scott Stuber are expecting their first baby, a boy, in June. Sims has documented her growing baby bump on her website and has taken to writing for People throughout her pregnancy. "With March came the start of my third trimester!!!" she posted.

"So you know I really indulged in those pregnancy cravings…" which included individual servings of Kraft macaroni and cheese. "It's hard for even me to believe. The baby just started kicking and at this point it's only a matter of weeks until life as I know it is going to completely change-and I can't wait!"

All those changes, though, don't have Sims too rattled, at least when it comes to her appearance. "It's amazing because you know that old saying, 'You're just a stomach flu away from a size two?' I'm 12 stomach flus away from a size two now and you know what? It's okay," she wrote on People.

"My girlfriend was asking yesterday if I was nervous and I'm totally nervous because it's the unknown-it's something that you don't know. I am a little nervous about the delivery and breastfeeding. I hope I can do it, I hope we come through. I am so excited to meet him and just hold his hand."

While Sims and Stuber have revealed the baby is, in fact, a boy, they are keeping quiet about the baby's name. That could be because the couple has yet to pick one. Right now, she writes, "We had name day on Saturday, and we got it narrowed down to about 12 names."