Molly Sims Pregnant: Supermodel Isn't the Only One Showing

Molly Sims' pregnancy isn't stopping the supermodel from worrying about fashion.

The host of "Project Accessory" is reportedly four months pregnant, but still actively working out. She's also doing some extraordinary baby-bump cover-ups.

Sims wore tight materials and fabrics to the New York premier of "Safe House" on Tuesday to control her shape.

"I'm wearing Spanx. They're holding everything in," Sims said. "I have seen fat deposit in places that I have never seen."

Sims is 38 years old and married Scott Stuber in September. The couple is expecting their first child this summer.

Sims is still working out, despite being four months pregnant, according to reports.

"I'm still doing Tracy Anderson, just not at the same high level that I was," Sims told US. "I've definitely taken it down, because you have to keep your heart rate between 140 and 150 so, it's hard, I'm not going to lie."

Sims isn't the only celebrity to start showing recently.

Actress Sienna Miller is reportedly pregnant.

Hillary Duff joins the ranks as well. According to MSN, Duff is going to be having a son. She made the announcement last week, according to reports.

Jessica Simpson is also expecting, according to Us Weekly. Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson made the announcement late last year.

Simpson's sister Ashlee already has a 2-year-old son with her ex Pete Wentz. Jessica Simpson addition to the music family is causing some stir on Twitter.

The star has been writing on Twitter about the baby and her relationship for some time.

Other actresses and models that are expecting include Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Garner, Kourtney Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari.

The celebrities seem to be changing roles with their changing personal roles from actress or model to mother.

It is unclear how Sims or the other models will change their work to fit their new role.