Mom Accused of Slapping Bride While Drunk at MA Wedding Reception

A mom was accused of slapping a bride at her own wedding reception Sunday, according to reports. The Sudbury, Mass. wedding had gone fine, but when Leslie Duane, the mother of the bride, had too much to drink, thing got out of hand.

The mom accused of slapping the bride is Leslie Duane, a 55-year-old woman from New Haven, Connecticut. Her 36-year-old daughter was newly married, but Duane took the celebrations too far, allegedly getting drunk and causing a scene at the reception, prosecutors told

"[The wedding] was beautiful," Duane told Judge Douglas Stoddart. "It was after the wedding was over."

After failing to contain her mother's drunken shenanigans, the bride decided it was time for her to leave the Arabian Horse Farm Inn, which hosted the reception. Duane resisted, though, and while her daughter was trying to put her into a car, she slapped her in the face.

Witnesses at the wedding saw the incident and called the police.

Authorities arrived to an inebriated Duane lying in the bushes, claiming her daughter had hit her. Witnesses countered her drunken testimony, however, and the mother of the bride was arrested.

Duane was charged with assault and battery, but pleaded not guilty. Judge Stoddart seemed to have some leniency, as the woman has never been involved in similar crimes previously, and set her bail at $200.

"This is a wedding gone awry, allegedy," Stoddart said.

Duane's daughter forgave her mother for the incident and likely will not pursue the charges. She attempted to bail Duane out, but because of a no contact order, she was unable to.

Although Duane was released, she will still have to appear in court Dec. 6 for a pre-trial conference, according to MetroWest Daily News.