Mom Allegedly Suffocates Infant Son Because She 'Didn't Want Him Anymore;' Posts Pictures on Facebook

(Photo: Facebook/ Nikki Kelly)Nicole 'Nikki' Kelly, 22, and her 11-month-old son she allegedly suffocated, Kiam Felix, Jr.

A 22-year-old mother from Queens, New York, who allegedly suffocated her 11-month-old son because she "didn't want him anymore," is now in police custody and facing the scorn of shocked friends and family who cannot understand why she would do something so sinister.

The mother, identified as Nicole "Nikki" Kelly in a PIX 11 report, has been charged with second-degree murder. Her son, Kiam Felix Jr., was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital Sunday after his father brought him to the emergency room.

Kelly lived with her son in a rented a room in the home of a woman who declined to speak about the shocking revelation except to say that the boy was a "happy baby." The boy's father did not live with them.

Police said Kelly wrapped the boy in a bed sheet Sunday so he couldn't move or breathe then left him alone while she showered for a half hour.

Once the boy turned blue, she called his father who took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
The Queens District Attorney's Office said Kelly told investigators, "I reached my breaking point, I didn't want him anymore."

On Monday, the day she celebrated her 22nd birthday, Kelly, who worked as a home health aide, posted several pictures of her baby on her Facebook page saying how she missed him.

(Photo: Facebook/Nikki Kelly)

"Missing my baby boy so much, wish there was some way I could bring him back to life. I feel horrible knowing he passed away. I'm his mother, I was supposed to protect him. I know his spirit will always be around me. I would never forget my first born; he will forever remain in my heart and his family's hearts. R.I.P KJ. I'm not ready to say goodbye to you, 7.29.13-7.6.14 — feeling terrible with Kiam Felix Jr." she wrote on in one post.

Friends and family, however, also littered her Facebook page with heaps of scorn and wished her nothing but the worst.

"How could you murder your own son? You will get everything, mark my word that's coming to you. Your're going to burn you baby killer. No one likes baby killers. You were never meant to be a mother. I hate you, you evil b*tch. Words just don't explain how I feel about you right now," wrote Venus Southerland, in reaction to the allegations against Kelly.

Kelly was also undergoing a psychiatric evaluation according to PIX 11. She is expected to be arraigned at the hospital where her son was pronounced dead on Thursday.

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