Mom Gives Birth at Zoo Near Bear Exhibit in New York (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO:Reuters/Ilya Naymushin)An Asiatic black bear named "Yozhik" drinks water in this file photo.

A mom has given birth at a zoo in upstate New York near a popular bear exhibit. The birth took place at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York.

It has been reported that a 21 year old woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl on a wildlife path near a bear exhibit.

As the woman went into labor, zoo workers were called on to help with the baby, and they brought out zoo blankets for the new mom and baby.

After the dramatic birth the woman and baby were taken to a nearby hospital to be checked over.

The woman had been visiting the zoo with a group of adults and children when she suddenly started to have contractions and went into labor.

As she lay down giving birth to her new baby girl another grown up to the children to see a nearby lion exhibit, according to The Daily Mail.

Liz Schmidt, who works as a Zoo Educator at the zoo, said to The Post-Standard, "I honestly didn't expect her to deliver at the zoo. I thought we'd pop her in a wheelchair and she'd be good to go to the hospital."

It was also reported that John Moakler - the zoo's elephant collection manager - did crowd control and made sure guests went to other exhibits as the woman gave birth, according to He also directed the ambulance to the scene when medical help arrived.

Meanwhile, Shmidt has first aid training, which meant he was the person to step up and help deliver the baby.

The woman's identity has not yet been revealed to protect her privacy, but according to all reports she is doing well, with the mother and baby both reportedly healthy.

Zoo Director, Ted Fox, has confirmed that the zoo plans to send a gift to the new mom and her family. He said , "I'm sure it will be animal related. It's certainly been a bumper crop at the zoo for babies. It's following suit with the human species," according to Mail Online.

The woman has since been discharged from Crouse Hospital on Dec. 10 along with her baby.