'Monster Hunter: World' News: Find Out More About the Different Facilities Included in the Game

Facilities like the Smithy and the Maka Alchemy can be used by players to create better pieces of equipment
Monster Hunter: World official website'Monster Hunter: World' players will need to use the Smithy to create new weapons and pieces of armor

A lot of preparation goes into becoming a successful slayer of fearsome beasts, and to help "Monster Hunter: World" players get ready, developers are set to give them access to some special facilities.

One of the facilities that players will likely be visiting frequently inside the game is the Smithy. While working at the Smithy, players will be able to craft various weapons and pieces of armor.

Aside from just crafting new pieces of equipment, players can also upgrade the ones they already have, and if need be, they will also be allowed to revert previously applied upgrades.

One more thing worth noting about the Smithy is that the pieces of armor which players can craft here will feature additional equipment skills as well as set bonus skills.

After players are done creating their weapons and armor, they can then proceed to finding ways to improve them, and one facility that can help them out is the Maka Alchemy.

According to a recent report from DualShockers, the Maka Alchemy will provide players with a way to add new skills to different pieces of equipment and ornaments. In order to make use of the Alchemy, "Monster Hunter: World" players will have to spend the points they earn from finishing missions and obtaining certain materials.

The Botanical Research Center is another facility that can help players prepare better for their encounters with monsters by providing them with crafting materials. They will be able to use this facility for growing plants that can then in turn be used for crafting.

Lastly, if players need a little bit of a pick-me-up before heading into battle, they can go to the Canteen and grab a bite to eat. Players will obtain power-ups after filling up on food, and those can make the difference between them successfully defeating a mighty monster or falling just short.

"Monster Hunter: World" players will be able to check out the different facilities included in the game as soon as it is released on Jan. 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.