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'Monster Hunter: World' Developers Rumored to be Planning Addition of New Weapon Type

'Monster Hunter: World' Developers Rumored to be Planning Addition of New Weapon Type

Will there be a new weapon type featured inside 'Monster Hunter: World?' | Capcom Unity

In "Monster Hunter: World," players can approach their task of taking down the game's mighty beasts in the way they see fit.

Gamers will be the ones to devise their own strategies and pick which weapon type works best for them.

At this point, players have probably found one or two weapon types that they are comfortable with. Even so, a recent tweet from the developers has prompted speculations that a new addition to the player's arsenal may be arriving in the future.

Just a few days ago, the game's official Japanese Twitter account shared an image showing some keychains. But that was not the interesting part.

What was interesting about the image was that it featured one keychain model for each of the 14 weapon types included in "Monster Hunter: World." However, at the end, the seemingly last keychain model was hidden under a question mark covering, which hinted that the developers want to keep it a secret for the moment.

Now, since the other keychains represented weapon types, is it possible that the 15th one is doing the same thing?

While players would likely welcome the addition of a new weapon type just to shake things up a bit, that may not be what the developers are teasing here.

As Game Rant noted, the developers using keychains seems to be a clue that they are not teasing something truly important like an additional weapon type.

Over on Reddit, fans are speculating that the currently hidden keychain may just be for a Palico or another familiar element of the game and not something that has never been seen before.

Though it does not look like players will be able to get their hands on a new weapon type anytime soon, they may still be getting additional features courtesy of an update that is expected to arrive in the near future.

More news about "Monster Hunter: World" should be made available soon.


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