More Than 13,000 Church Leaders to Gather in Atlanta for Catalyst Conference

Thousands of church leaders under age 40 from across the country are set to attend Catalyst, an annual next-generation, mega-conference in Atlanta, Ga., for a three-day leadership experience beginning tonight and designed to cultivate people as catalysts for change.

Catalyst is known as one of the largest gatherings of young Christian leaders in the country and this year's theme, "Known,"  will focus on imparting the notion that leaders can only know where they are headed when they know where they come from.

"At its core, the movement exists to ignite passion for Christ and develop and equip next generation leaders to engage and impact their world," said a Catalyst spokesperson. "The experience is immersive-inviting the Catalyst audience into creative and powerful teaching, worship and prayer."

The three-day event will feature a diverse lineup of business and Christian speakers to impart their knowledge to participants while challenging them to take on their roles as confident leaders in and out of church.

Among the eclectic mix of speakers are Chief Executive Officer of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts, Mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker, journalist and best-selling author, Malcolm Gladwell, Priscilla Shirer, Andy Stanley, John Piper, Judah Smith, Jud Wilhite, Reggie Joiner, Jon Acuff, and Christian rapper Lecrae.

"We're privileged to host business and ministry leaders, as we offer a platform to young social entrepreneurs who are shaping culture," said the spokesperson.

In addition, other notable speakers will facilitate intimate, conversational labs with the purpose to engage with next generation leaders on issues of importance to them. Acclaimed Christian recording artists from the band Passion and spoken word poet and hip hop recording artist, Propaganda, will also be on hand to lead worship during the event.

This is the 14th year that Catalyst takes place and since its inception, hundreds of thousands of leaders have connected with each other and the Catalyst movement through events, resources, and social media.

Initially, what began as an idea by a group of young Christian leaders to create a gathering of like-minded individuals because they felt church leadership was geared mainly toward a 40 to 60-year- old mindset, has become a movement that has grown in large proportion, offering three annual events on the East and West coasts and mid-America.

Leaders who are active Catalyst participants are involved in social and charity efforts throughout the world including facilitating freedom for trafficked victims to providing natural disaster relief efforts to hard-hit areas. In addition, Catalyst leaders have partnered with organizations throughout the years including Compassion International, Bethany Christian Services, and have also been involved with clean water campaigns and, an organization focused on rescuing 143 million orphans around the world.

Catalyst Conference is taking place at the Gwinnett Arena through Friday. For more information, visit