Most and Least Religious States in America; Where Does Your State Rank? (CHART)

(Map: ©2014 Google, INEGI)

In 2013, Gallup asked over 174,000 Americans if religion was an important part of their daily lives and whether they attended religious services. Using the responses, the surveyors classified each respondent as very religious, moderately religious and non-religious. Gallup released their data yesterday in this chart titled "Religiosity by State, 2013."

The Bible Belt holds tight to the top spots of religiosity with Mississippi with 61% classified very religious, followed by Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina. Largely Mormon Utah occupies the #2 slot. The least religious state is Vermont with the non-religious comprising 56% of the population. New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Oregon fill out the five least religious.

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(Source: Gallup)