Mother and Son Die on Same Day in Separate Accidents

A 45-year-old Wisconsin mother and her son were both killed in separate car accidents on Sunday just hours apart.

Mary J. Moore was struck by a vehicle while lying in a street in West Allis, WI at approximately 1 a.m, and the driver reportedly fled the scene, according to WISN 12 News.

"I looked out and saw a body laying there. And I grabbed the phone to call 911. And of course, they were asking me, 'Are they breathing?' I said, 'They're not moving, so should I go out and see?' And you know -- she -- the person was gone already. (I) hope to never see anything like it again," witness Wendy Muth told WISN.

Moore's 22-year-old son, Thomas Olson, died in a separate car accident as he rushed to a nearby hospital to see his mother.

It believed that Olson was unaware of Moore's accident but simply panicked after he called police to find out whether they had information on his mother's whereabouts and they insisted on speaking directly with him in person.

"They told us that they needed to come to the house to talk to us in person," Olson's fiancee, Latricia Jansen, said.

He rushed to a nearby hospital with some of his friends, oblivious to the tragic accident that claimed his mother's life, and the driver of the vehicle which was transporting him lost control and hit a parked car.

The car was reportedly traveling at high speed of approximately 90 mph, and hit a parked utility vehicle.

Police suspect that the driver, who survived the crash, may have been under the influence, and he was subsequently arrested at the scene.

It is still unclear why Moore was lying in the street to begin with and police are now investigating how she ended up there.