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Mother Claims to 'See the Face of Jesus' in Newly Laid Bathroom Floor (PHOTOS)

Mother Claims to 'See the Face of Jesus' in Newly Laid Bathroom Floor (PHOTOS)

(Photo: Toby Hudson)

A mother of five and Birmingham, U.K., resident recently claimed to have seen the face of Jesus in a photo of her newly laid bathroom floor.

Freda Murphy, 52, snapped a picture of the new floor for insurance purposes and discovered an outline of what she believes to be the face of Jesus with a tear falling from his right eye, according to a Birmingham Mail report.

"We'd just had the floor laid down and I was taking a picture for my solicitor," Murphy told Birmingham Mail. "When I Iooked at the image it sent a shiver down my spine. I could make out eyes, a nose, mouth, long hair and beard. A lot of people have said it looks like Jesus."

This is just one of many supernatural experiences to occur inside the 100 year old Murphy home. Freda and her children also claimed to have encountered what they believed to be ghosts, and said they've heard the cries of babies since they moved into the house 19 years ago, according to the report.

"At one time a mist, like a cloud, appeared above my head while I was hovering," Murphy said. "So much has gone on here. A lot of people have been frightened."

Murphy even called in a spiritualist for help.

"At one time, my son was very poorly," she continued. "As he lay in bed, massive beams of light bounced off the walls. He also felt something touching him. The spiritualist said there was an awful lot of activity going on in the house."

Freda discovered that a baby had died on the property before they moved in, but said she still feels confused about what she believes to be a series of paranormal occurrences.

"No one can explain it," Freda asserted. "And no one can tell us what it means."


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